Sit with discomfort


When you practice a new yoga pose, your muscles are not flexible enough to go deep into the pose, they are not strong enough to hold the pose for more than a couple of seconds. It is painful.

Our biological selves are wired to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. That is what has kept us alive all these centuries, it is part of our survival instincts.

Guess what, the only way for the yoga pose to become comfortable, is if we stay in that discomfort and keep practicing it. Eventually our muscles become flexible, strong and it’s not uncomfortable to do the pose.

To do this, we have to use awareness. Our aware-selves will stay in that yoga pose instead of following the reflexes to get out of it. Breath through it. Our body is capable of tolerating a lot of pain, once the mind allows it to and tells it that this pain is useful. It’s not harmful. This distinction is important since not all discomfort / pain is useful and we are smart to know the difference.

This same principle of sitting in discomfort applies everywhere in life.

A conversation is uncomfortable, we avoid it.
A thought or feeling is uncomfortable, we run from it.
Uncertainty is uncomfortable, we reject it.
Learning something new is uncomfortable, we find shortcuts.
So learning how to sit in discomfort is also going to be uncomfortable.
Don’t try to get out of it. Sit with it. Breath into it. Have faith.
That’s it, that is the only way it will ever get comfortable.

Sit in discomfort. Sit with discomfort.


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